Florida osprey

Florida osprey

This osprey lives in a state park on Honeymoon Island in Florida, near Clearwater (and Tampa). Birds are fun — and difficult — to photograph.

Baby Bald EagleI also saw a baby bald eagle in its nest this day, from 330 feet, the closest you are allowed to an eagle’s nest under federal rules. I never saw his (her?) parents though, but it was still cool to see a (not yet) bald eagle (the characteristic white head is developed later). Here is the baby, which was born around Valentine’s Day and was appropriately named Cupid.

There were lots of osprey, however, bringing fish in to feed their young ones. Yes, I realise this particular one doesn’t clutch a fish, but it’s one of the better pictures I took. I used the 300mm, which is an okay lens despite being very basic and cheap ($200).

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