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I was recently at a conference at the University of Oxford and I had a little time to go look around the city and the university.

Oxford is something out of the ordinary. The city is of course incredibly historic, but what truly makes it special is that it is completely dominated by the famous university. Over 30 colleges dot the city and a great many of them are right in the city centre. In many ways the numerous colleges _is_ Oxford, because their old buildings can be seen everywhere. Shops and private housing fill up the space in-between. Oxford is well worth the trip if you’re in London, only 80km away with ubiquitous bus and train connections. And if you grow tired of old buildings, you can go punting on River Cherwell and the Thames.


Øyvind, my brother, and I in the first digital picture that exists of either of us — Øyvind was just a toddler and I was wearing my favourite trousers (basically overalls). The picture was taken at a multimedia expo my parents took us to when I was little, in 1993. I loved going to expos — they were mind-blowingly huge, with megatonnes of things to explore and free stuff (pens, stickers, lanyards, etc) to be acquired. It was a boy’s dream. We went to several expos when I was that age; car expos, home expos, hobby expos. This picture became a souvenir from one such expo, printed out and given to me. I have now redigitalized it. As you can see, the quality is not great, so I would guess the camera produced pictures in the 400×300 pixels range only. It was the early days of consumer-grade digital imagery.