Welcome to laurelindon.com

Welcome to my new domain! I’m excited :P Well, I get a lot more storage, a lot more services and a lot FASTER services for a lot less money (umm… I wasn’t actually paying for the old service…but at least I’m saving my family money). And the new address is a lot less cumbersome to remember. Just type laurelindon.com and go. It was time I got my own dot com, five years after everyone else :P

After reviewing a lot of hosting services, testimonials and recommendations, I chose bluehost.com to host my site, because they offer a serious and reliable service, a lot of add-ons and a decent amount of bandwith (which I think it will be hard to exceed :P) for a good price. There are thousands of hosting sites out there, and many of them look very serious, so choosing one was hard. I ended up paying for a middle of the road alternative at $7/month with free registration.

Hopefully it’ll work flawlessly. I’ve weeded out some bugs already. Update your bookmarks ;) In the near future this site will have some new features (one of them will be migrating this page to WordPress).