Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone I know a Merry Christmas! (or just a Happy Holiday if you’re not upholding this neopagan, hedonistic and consumeristic tradition ;)

God Jul alle sammen!

The picture is of a little street in St Catharines famous for it’s Christmas light display (but you find Christmas displays all over the place…).

The Christmas holiday in Norway went down the drain when our flight was cancelled by a snowstorm last weekend. When they couldn’t offer us an alternative until Christmas Eve (and it woulnd’t have gotten us to Norway until Christmas Day morning…), we opted to cancel, spend Christmas is Kalamazoo, and delay our Norway trip until the summer. It was disappointing though, Christmas is a very special time.

Now we’re relaxing in Kalamazoo. The last couple of weeks were stressful, I’ve been working furiously on finising my master research paper. It’s now finished! I turned it in last night, at 9PM on Christmas Eve — writing and editing, that’s how I spent Christmas Eve. It’s a tremendous relief to be done. The last leg of my master’s degree is now over, so now all I can do is wait and see how it went. If it went well, I’ll post it in January.

Anyway, I’m now not going to think anymore about it, just relax.

Have a good holiday!

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