Facelift complete

Hi, and welcome to a new and better Laurelindon. I abandoned the old look – it was a blind alley and I simply could not make it look good. I’ve been studying Web 2.0 extensively lately and hopefully, and I’ve tried to follow the Web 2.0 design tips and guidelines.

Also, the photo albums have been given a complete facelift, which in my opinion looks much classier. I have also rewritten the PHP architecture to make it more robust and efficient, as well as to add some features. All information is now stored in XML rather than in a propietary txt format. The biggest innovation, however, is the introduction of a thumbnail view for each album.

So this is what I’ve spent my summer holiday doing :P It’s pretty sad, isn’t it? I have no life, I fully admit. Anyways, hope you enjoy the changes, there’s a lot of hard work behind them. I’m aware that there are still bugs and glitches, but I don’t believe they should impair your experience.