No Strike

strike_averted.gifSo the strike was averted in the 11th hour.

That means I’ll have to sit my exams… *sniff*

Well, actually, that’s good, because otherwise I would have had to take them in January instead.

Anyways, I would like to know what they agreed on.

(Disclaimer. Because of my affiliation with BUSU, my stand on this issue will remain neutral, as per BUSU’s official policy.)

Brock University Faculty May Soon Go On Strike

The strike date (5 December) is coming closer, the negotiations are still in a deadlock, and no information is forthcoming from the University about contingency procedures. Will we have to take exams in January? Will reading week be cancelled? Who knows.

Implications of a strike for students

A friend of mine made this newsletter discussing some of the repercussions a strike will have for the student population.

Click here to open it (or right-click–>”save as” to download):

(link removed)

(Disclaimer. Because of my affiliation with BUSU, my stand on this issue will remain neutral, as per BUSU’s official policy. I still encourage you to get informed.)

Peru and Ecuador

Our group inside the hacidenda of Simon Bolivar in Lima

In May 2006, I partook in a one month trip to Peru and Ecuador, called Solidarity in Action, which is a programme run by the Campus Ministries of my school, Brock University. The objective of this trip was to learn about social justice and culture in Latin America. I went to Lima, Peru, and Guayaquil, Ecuador, along with 50 other people and the campus chaplain, where we volunteered for charity organisations. This was not a conventional holiday.

I am currently working on making a web site with pictures from my experience. I believe I promised it would be launched within the end of October – make that the end of November. I’ve spent far more time working on the design and stucture of this website than content.

Meanwhile, to learn more about Solidarity in Action, visit

Pictures from my experience are coming soon!

Photo albums

goat.jpgI’ve become a quite avid photographer since I acquired my Nikon D70 DSLR. Ask Jenna: on our roadtrip through Norway this summer, there were times we stopped every couple of kilometres because I wanted to take pictures. Believe me, there was some amazing nature there, but I think maybe I was overdoing it. My girlfriend certainly thought so, although she was too nice to say so :P The pictures I got are awesome though. Sigh, that’s another project… Eventually, and before xmas, I’ll get them onto the web.

Visit my online photoalbums…