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The King of Barbeque

The King of Barbeque

Rain, rain, rain…..the summer of 2007 rained away. It rained near as every day, and not just a little shower, but a steady downpour….Not that a little rain deters my dad from barbecuing :P This picture neatly sums up both my dad and the summer, in a nutshell :P

(In case you wonder, no, the picture is not a fake, he’s making baked potatoes. They’re under the grid.)

Hjem kjære hjem…

Hei alle sammen, jeg kommer hjem i år igjen. Vel, Bjørn og Emma gir meg lite valg. Nå har jeg endelig kjøpt flybillett. Jeg kommer hjem 6. juni. Skal jobbe på Follum i år igjen. Håper alle har det bra!