I was accepted to Waterloo

Newsflash :P I know, I don’t use my website for that much. I realise a lot of people prolly don’t know what’s going on in my life (that is, if anyone actually care).

Anyway, I was accepted to do a master’s degree in Global Governance at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, not Belgium :P). I haven’t decided whether I should accept yet. We’ll see whether I’m accepted in Toronto, but I still like the Waterloo programme better I think. Stay tuned.

Here’s the programme website: http://globalgovernance.uwaterloo.ca/

Albums Roundup

I finally got through some of the backlog. Enjoy some albums from this summer.


Trondheim Sunset



Best country in the world?

This is a part that was left out of SICKO because it would just sound too otherworldly….that’s right, because people won’t believe it….

Is Norway truly that good? It’s not utopia. Having lived in Canada and visited many countries, I know every place has its good sides and its bad sides. Norway is no exception. And it may not sound completely fair to know that we’ve accomplished all this with oil revenue. The party has been free, but it won’t last forever.

More construction

Sorry, I never seem to get done, do I?

This time I’m trying to integreate a Lightbox into the photoalbums, and it hasn’t been going very well. Lightbox = more eyecandy and shorter load time for each individual picture. I’m determined to get it to work though.

In case everything is messed up when you get here, please come back later, hopefully it’ll work then.

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

I shot some pictures the wedding of a couple of friends of mine last year. You can see the full gallery from which this picture is taken by going here. This is obviously the bride’s bouquet, where every hue but red has been desaturated.

[This post is back-dated]